Another for the “must-have” files

Wow, another crazy spam email with something I must run out and buy for every mother or expectant mother that I know:

It’s that time of year again and the holiday hustle and bustle is well underway. This means more trips to the mall, to other stores, to family’s homes, etc. Increased travel with a baby or toddler is not easy when you feel like you are packing everything except the kitchen sink every time you have to leave the house with your little one. As two busy moms we understand that leaving home with baby/toddler is a lot of work and that’s why we invented a 6-in-1 baby blanket and cover that eliminates the need to buy, pack and carry the long list of bulky, single purpose items.

Parents can now pack and carry only ONE single baby item that is ACTUALLY six items in one. The mom/nurse invented XXXXXXX is a 6-in-1 baby blanket cover that saves time, money and space while making daily life and holiday travel with baby quick, easy, and germ-free for parents/caretakers where ever they need to go. Eliminating the need to buy bulky single purpose items which can cost between $75-$225 (conservatively), this new travel must have is used as a:

1)  Car seat “tent” cover

2) Shopping cart cover

3) Highchair cover

4) Nursing cover

5) Stroller cover

6) Playtime blanket

Leaving home with a baby is “a lot of work”.  Sigh.  Yeah, right up there with coal mining, that’s for sure.

I know that I used to pack a car seat cover, shopping cart cover, highchair cover, nursing cover, stroller cover, and play blanket every time I went grocery shopping with my infant.  Oh, wait a minute, I didn’t.  My baby had eyelids, I wasn’t afraid of shopping cart germs, my shirt was enough nursing cover, I didn’t have a stroller, and my baby could play on the grass.

But if you are interested, I do have a product that can serve those six important functions for you.  It’s called a bath towel.



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