Ode to the Plain Cake Donut

There you sit in the pink box, surrounded by the flashy donuts. 

All the others have a coating of sugary substance, be it plain sugar, frosting, chocolate, maple…

Many have sprinkles on top of their sugar coatings.

Some are even filled, with jelly or custard, in addition to having a sugary coating – as though the frosting would not be enough to cause desire to swell in the hearts of most of the passersby.

Most are larger than you.  Those the same size as you are often the most garishly decorated, as if they feel they must make up for their reasonable size with unreasonable bling.

There you sit, the Plain Cake Donut.

You are usually the last one in the box.

Sometimes you have little smears of goo on you, from the fancy donuts that have lain against you or bumped on you when someone pulled them from the box.

Sometimes someone has picked a little piece off of you, and then left you there – so now no one wants to take you, even though you are the last donut in the box, because they think you might have cooties.

There you sit, the Plain Cake Donut.

I love you.

I loved you before the other donuts were gone.

I love you because you are secure in your donutness.  You know that you never needed everyone to want you, just one person who would smile and say –

“Ooh, lucky me!  Someone left the Plain Cake Donut!”

(for my husband)

1 comment
  1. Maria said:

    Loved this! It is so you and your man. Mom

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